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At Matt Weeden Design, we do more than build Web sites.
We work with you to create marketing tools you can use
tools that promote your brand and help your business thrive.

Marketing tools I can use?


At its core, a Web site is a tool to market your business. Trouble was, from the birth of the Web, it was also a tool that the average business owner couldn’t effectively use themselves, relying instead upon their Web developer of choice to make any needed changes.

Empowering the business owner; taking the mystery out of Web sites

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The good news is, things have changed in the last few years with the advancement of content management platforms such as WordPress, and e-commerce platforms like Zen Cart. These powerful systems make it easy for the non-programmer to log in and add content, add pages, manage products and prices, and on and on. At Matt Weeden Design, we arm companies with these tools and provide guidance as they learn how to use them. Whether your goal is to promote your services, create a community, or sell products, you will find that it’s all within your reach. Let us show you how.


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