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If, like me, you use Gmail for your email service, you may be frustrated with Gmail’s lack of a ‘send later’ feature. Of course you can save a draft and log on at a later time to send it, but there is no native function to schedule delivery for a given date/time. For example, I have an email schedule with one client where I need to send an email at precisely 11 pm twice a week. The email is always ready to go before 11, but it needs to be sent at 11. Of course, I’m not always on the computer at 11 pm on those two nights every week!

Fortunately there’s an add-on you can install on Chrome or FireFox that adds this functionality to your Gmail account. It’s called Boomerang, and it’s offered for free from the folks at Baydin at www.baydin.com/boomerang4gmail. After you install the add-on on your browser and activate it, you compose your email as usual. Click Save Now when you’re ready to send it, and then click the Send Later button to schedule a specific date/time, or choose from one of the options they provide.

Send later - specific date/time

One word of caution when choosing a specific date. By default it sets the date two days in the future, so if you want to send it later that same day, make certain to change the date as well as the time! I’ve made that mistake more than once.

It’s been around for a while so I may be a little late to the party with this post… but I’ve really been enjoying the capability to write an email and schedule delivery for a later time, so I wanted to share with anyone else who may be interested. Until Gmail introduces a send later option as part of the native framework, this is a great alternative! In my experience, it works better on the Chrome browser than it does on FireFox.

For those who are worried about email privacy: from what I understand, the Boomerang add-on doesn’t store your email contents anywhere outside of your Gmail account. When you install the add-on it adds a label to your label list called Boomerang-Outbox, and when you set an email to send later it applies that label to the message. Then, at the designated time, it looks for the email with the Boomerang-Outbox label and sends it – so your email is not saved on a separate server or anything like that.

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